Find out how you can get break out of mediocrity and find your true God-given purpose…

Sounds hard to believe, right?

The Life You Want, The Marriage You Want... The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled By The Business You Build...
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  • Austin, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • ​San Antonio, Texas
  • ​Indianapolis, Indiana
  • ​St. Maarten
  •  London, England
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • St. Georges, Grenada
  • ​Praia do Forte- Bahia, Brazil
  • ​Orlando. Florida
From the desk of Dr. Nadine Collins...

Dear WOW Woman,  

Before I tell you how you can drastically change your life for the better, I want to ask you…
  • Do you get frustrated feeling like you are stuck in the same patterns and routines?
  • Do you feel like you are not living out God’s plan for you, whatever that may be?
  • You know that amazing God-fearing women just like you are making BIG changes and finding their true purpose all the time, right?
Why Can’t You?
My event, THE WOW WOMEN EMPOWERMENT EVENT will give you a total mindset shift. 

It will allow you to remove the fear that is holding you back from your true potential. 

We will use proven psychological techniques and Biblical principles to remove the doubt and fear that is holding you back, all while giving glory to God and not straying from His path.
I am looking for women who are:
  • Ready to truly connect with their Divine soul-aligned purpose and rise to the occasion.
  • Tired of feeling stuck in the same routines and do not know how to make the big changes in their lives.
  • Know that they have been created and destined for greatness.
  • ​Experiencing some success but want to take it to the next level while giving glory to God.
But before we do that
let’s address why you
aren’t already there…
The reality is most Christian women suffer from a lack of clarity on what God has called them to do. 

You probably have got use to being in your comfort zone and not stepping out and challenging yourself with big goals.

The truth is at this stage in your life you are most likely settled into the same habits, routines and patterns. 

Your family and relationships have become your priority.
As a student of psychology and a devout Christian, It is my mission to empower women just like you to push themselves and take on new challenges that would have previously daunted them.
What Other Women Are Saying About
Dr. Nadine Collins
Beulah Plunkett I was looking for a dynamic, spiritual and powerful woman to be the main speaker for our Women’s Ministry Retreat. She needed to be able to work with our theme and empower the women to be faithful and courageous. I had set out objectives that I asked Dr. Collins to be guided by. Her presentations were exactly what I had prayed for and more!

Nadine made each presentation meaningful to the women whilerealizing the key objectives. She paid close attention to detail and is clear and thoughtful in her presentations. She is professional, reliable, approachable and has a wealth of inspiration and knowledge which made it easy to work with her, but more so, easy to inspire, impact and influence women. In the end, all evaluation reports came back overwhelmingly positive because of the work that she did. We have already booked her for future events. 
Dr. Jennifer E. Patterson Nadine doesn't only present relevant information, but it is also obvious that she has personalized it. 

This is evident in her speaking and writing. She is passionate about prayer and relentless in engaging others in discovering, exploring, and experiencing its amazing benefits. Totally blessed by her ministry!!
Anysia Archibald Dr. Nadine Joseph-Collins is an awesome presenter. She is super interesting with a one of a kind presentation format. Dr. Collins is engaging and uses real-life experiences to inspire her audience. 

Through her, the Potter reaches down to mold beating lumps of clay into shapes that are more pleasing to Him. 

Her messages re-centers women in their role as wives, mothers, and daughters of a Holy God. Dr. Collins encourages women to live their WOW life with Jesus as the center. I highly recommend her as a speaker. 
Dr. Julietta Raymond Dr. Nadine Collins is an amazingly talented and inspirational leader who always brings to her audience an irresistible load of positive energy that is directed towards successful outcomes. She has accepted her calling from God, and is now helping women and girls around the globe find clarity and purpose in their lives. 

I can’t think of another woman leader to follow than Dr. Collins who equips individuals with the right tools for Christian living and life-long success. Her messages of hope, empowerment and faith in God prepare women solidly towards self-discovery and living WOW-some lives.
Elder Shirley P. Scott Dr. Nadine Collins is an excellent speaker, teacher and presenter. She is one of the most versatile women of prayer, which is a demonstration of her expertise on the subject. Her faith in God and the love of helping others have an intimate relationship with Him are evidenced by her enthusiasm. 

 Her presentations are interactive and participants talk back to her in their heads and with their nods and the twinkle in their eyes. You can tell the messages of making your prayer life go WOW resonates with her audience. Dr. Nadine teaches with passion and a deep commitment and belief in the power of prayer. And it is contagious. 

Her books are filled with spirit-filled nuggets that jump off the page into your heart. Such power can only be transmitted from a prayer-centered life. God has truly anointed Dr. Nadine. 
Dr. Meryl James-Sebro Dr. Nadine Joseph-Collins is a woman with a Ministry and a Message for this time. It is only through Prayer that we can navigate the rough waters of these times. 

In His Omniscience, God has charged this young woman with an awesome responsibility of reminding us of the Prayer imperative as the special gift of Believers. In an inimitable style of serious Joy and Gladness, the sharing of personal experiences, and with the Passion of a proven warrior, Dr. Joseph-Collins emphasizes Prayer as a constant two-way relationship for Divine Guidance in every step. Prayer is two-way communication. 

Moreover, it is a two-way relationship that is supported by close prayer partners, who also wage war on her behalf. Her WOW Prayer Battle Plan certainly WOW-ed the Golden Gate All Nations SDA congregation a few months ago. Esther-like, she is a powerful advertisement for the critical importance of women’s perspectives, strategies and voices at the highest levels of Ministry.
Claris William Looking for a personable, articulate and affable presenter? You need not look any further. Nadine Collins is that individual. She is articulate and passionate about her pursuits and brings uniqueness to her God-given talent that is secondary to none. 

Nadine stimulated, captivated and engaged her listeners. She had the audience spellbound. The feedback was nothing but positive and the general consensus was that she should be invited back for a second time. 
Michelle Gonsazlez It was with extreme delight that I welcomed Dr. Nadine Collins to our church to be our keynote speaker for Education Day Celebration at Palm Springs SDA Church in Florida. I was confident that her delivery would not disappoint the waiting congregants and more importantly the youth assembled for her presentation.

It was very relieving to have someone who started out from humble beginnings; demonstrate to our Adventist youth that the sky is the limit. She was a flawless example. Her presentation was done with great craft, she kept each person's attention and we all followed her story with keen interest. She taught and expounded the Word of God with great care and knowledge. 

I thank the Lord for her ministry of prayer and education and her ability to use both as tool to help us reach heaven while living on earth. She is indeed a mentor to me and to many others!
This is the reason why I have launched a new feature in the work
 that I am doing with women to host WOW Women Empowerment Events in cities throughout the world.
I am inviting you to attend one of these events in a city near you. At the event we will cover:
  • How to make a drastic change and remove yourself from your comfort zone by Uncovering Your True Purpose 
  • How to get rid of some of the dogmatic belief’s that are holding you back from achieving your dreams and true purpose so that you can receive instant breakthroughs. 
  • How to build associations with like-minded women who want to make their unique impact on the world.
  • ​How to face your fears and change your mindset so it’s ready for the life you are meant to be living by experiencing a LIVE BIRTHING SEAT EXPERIENCE.
I normally charge $200 per ticket to this event on my website…
But right here right now, you can get yours for just $97!

($97 in the USA. Local pricing will vary - see order form for details).

So, don’t wait any longer. 

Click the button below to book your seat at the event!
Funnel Hacking LIVE Event FAQ's...
What Are The Dates For "Funnel Hacking LIVE 2020"?
Registration starts on January 28th from 12-8PM, the event is happening January 29th through February 1st in Nashville, TN. The event kicks off at 12:30PM on January 29th and concludes around 5PM on February 1st.
Where Is The Venue For The Event?
The event will be hosted at the Gaylord Opryland: 2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214. You can book your hotel room here >>
I'm Trying To Book My Travel. What Times Do I Need To Know About?
Event registration will be on Tuesday, Jan 28 from 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM. The event will conclude around 5:00 PM on Saturday February 1st. Fly into Nashville International Airport (BNA). It's 15 minutes from the event venue.
Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a successful sales funnel, then this LIVE event is for you!
Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.  
Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
Refunds may be given up to 45 days prior to the event start date. We are NOT offering ticket transfers.
What Should I Wear?
The dress code is business casual for the event. Our meeting room WILL be on the cool side, so plan accordingly and bring an additional sweater, wrap, or jacket.
Any Other Questions?
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